The team

Meet the minds behind medabots

Crazy heads, electric minds, reckless neurons, these could be some pretty accurate descriptions of the team that created Medabots. At Comadran Studios the locomotive never stops, there is always fuel, do you feel like getting to know us a little bit more?


Kevin Comadran

CEO/Creative Director

Owner of Medabots and founder of Comadran Studios. Specifically, he is an economist with more than 8 years of experience in buying and selling firms, firm restructuring and the gaming industry.

Paul Sirats

Executive Producer

Paul Sirats is a professional artist and producer of video game and animation concept art. Moreover, his technical prowess has brought him to design characters for the Mad Max and Star Citizen games in Canada, as well as for clients such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Amstel, among others.

Oscar González


11 years experience as software engineer, producer and game developer for mobile and PC platforms.

SALVA verdugo


Expert in communication with more than 8 years of experience in social networks. Great experience in marketing and advertising collaborating with brands such as Cocacola, Samsung, Realme, or Gillette. Working in the crypto industry since 2017, co-founder of Cryptomedia in 2021, and having made numerous successful campaigns for major projects in the sector internationally (Valora [Celo Connect event], Waves, Kijora, Tidex…).
Jorge Alemán

Product Manager

During the last 5 years, I have been focused on software development with a special product mindset. I have now fully transitioned into Product Management willing to make a bigger impact in the gaming industry. Let’s create products customers love.


Yvonne Comadran

Head on public relations

With a degree in journalism and advertising. Head of public relations and co-producer in Comadran Studios.

Alejandro Barbas

Co-producer & UX UI Lead

Visual developer & Character designer for games and cinema. Also specialized in costume design.

Paula Estévez

Co-producer & HHRR

I started as an elementary school teacher but I’ve been slowly transitioning to production and HHRR. This is my first time proving myself in the gaming industry and I just love it.

Pedro André Miranda


Technology consultant with experience in the Blockchain and video games sector.
Adding value in the business area helping to get strategic partners.

art director


Art Director

Rafater (Rafa Teruel) is an experienced illustrator and concept artist from Spain. His portfolio includes clients such as Marvel, Wizards of the Coast, Free fire, Pepsi, Dell, Games Workshop, Applibot, Privateer press, CMON Games and Norma Editorial


Omar Rinaz Costa

Game Designer

My name is Omar, I was born and raised in Catalonia, Spain but I have mixed origins, half French half Spanish, oh la la. I have a wide range of skills and my expertise falls on the graphic category, I have worked in all kind of productions (2d, 3d, Vr and Ar). I’m a game jam enthusiast and a huge mmoplayer, as you can see my passion are games and making them!

2d artists

Aida Puigdellivol

UX UI Senior designer

My job is to focus on researching user needs and creating solutions to their problems.

Iria Iglesias

UX UI Senior designer

With experience in audiovisual communication and art direction. Worked in different companies and projects creating interfaces for web and mobile/desktop apps. Nowadays working with her own cooperative, collaborating with different projects on the fields of UI, UX, design, video edition or music.

David Otálora

Concept Artist

My name is David, I live in Sabadell (Barcelona) and I am an illustrator and concept artist, specializing in cartoons although I consider myself quite versatile. I have worked for Disney Publishing, Corvus Belli, Social Point, Zitro games, Materia Works, Comicup s.l, among other freelance assignments.

David Gau

Senior Concept Artist

Generalist Concept Artits and 2D Senior Layout Artist.

Marc Mestre

Concept Artist

I’ve studied the Concept Art course in Escola Joso Barcelona. During these last years I’ve had the chance to work for LumbearJack an indie game released for consoles and Steam. I also appear in several books, such as Soul Arts and the Spanish illustrated edition of Mistborn.

Joshua Cairós

Concept Artist & Illustrator

He is a Spanish illustrator and concept artist focused on the fantasy genre, with 8 years of professional experience behind him. His clients include Wizard of the coast, Walt Disney studio, Netflix, Penguin random house among others.


Dani Moreno

Game developer Lead

With 6+ years of experience developing mobile F2P games.

David Rodríguez

Software Architect

Design and implementation of technologies and infrastructures that make magic possible.

Fernando Zaffaroni

Game Battle & Effect Developer

Working as a game developer with more than 4 years experience in all kinds of games, particularly in multiplayer.

Ismael González

Game developer

Passionate about videogames with more than 3 years of experience in software development, specialized in game development.

Eduardo Palomares

Frontend developer

JS freak. Transforming draws into code since IE 7. Best friend and worst nightmare of UI designers. In constant struggling against procrastination.

Alex Corcia

Game developer

Worked in award winning projects where I have worked as a software engineer, producer and gameplay programmer in mobile and PC development. Also worked in Amazon Lumberyard Team as a software engineer in the O3D3 engine.

Ara Espinar

Game developer

Team Lead Unity with more than 10 years of experience in software development and specialized in video games for the last 6 years, specifically in mobile platforms.

Jose Maeso

Backend developer

Game developer with more than 4 years experience in all kinds of games, particularly in multiplayer.

Bas Smit

Gameplay and AI developer

I’m Bas Smit, gameplay and AI developer originally from Amsterdam, now living in beautiful Spain. Lover of sun, food and silliness. Previously at Unity, FGOL, Nordeus, PUBG and King. Developer of the indie VR game Ground Runner: Trials, author of the DotsNav and LineBurst open source projects.

Kevin López

Backend developer

Telecommunications engineer with more than 5 years of experience in the development and communication of microservices

Rafael Fernández

Virtual Reality & AR / XR Game Project Developer

Multiplayer VR/XR Games Developer & Project Hosted

Fernando Pérez

Senior programmer, university professor and Unity Expert

Video game developer for 32 years, he has developed games for 8, 16, 32 and 64 bits platforms. Spectrum, Commodore Amiga, PC DOS and Windows, PlayStation. Great knowledge of the programming languages C/C ++ and C# which the vast majority of video games are based on. Expert in the use of Unity and Unreal engines. 

Jose Luis López

Game programmer

Programmer and designer focused on video game development using Unity3D and also C++, especially in the independent scene, for more than 15 years. Passionate about multiplayer game development.

3D artists

julen urrutia

3d Artist

I’ve been working as both 2d and 3d artist for videogame cinematics like Destiny 2, Halo Infinite, Call of Duty, League of Legends among others. I’ve also worked for a couple of movies, like Space Jam 2 and some Netflix shows such as Love Death and Robots or Happy! . Most recently I’ve been working at Marvel Studios as concept artist for their Spider-Man show

Xabier Urrutia

3d Artist

With years of experience as a character artist and modeler, he also works for the multi award winning Axis Studios.

Alex Roijals


3D modeler with years of experience in 3D modeling and texturing for video games.

Sergi Bigordá

3D Modeler Lead

Sergi Bigordà Font Art enthusiast, converted to many things, now as a concept artist, 3d character artist with several years of experience, teacher and specialist in anatomical/organic sculpting, and as always, looking for new challenges and continuous learning

David Puertas

3D Artist

More than 15 years of professional experience working for educational videogames and apps, 3D characters and generalist, Augmented reality developer, editorial illustration including comics and covers, 2D concept arts, and the last 7 years focused in 3D sculpting for premium collectibles and statues.

Hector Bonada


3D artist with years of experience in AAA environments, art development, and art exploration for video games.

Ane Escudero

3D Artist

 With a degree on animation and digital arts she has worked on several gaming and film projects as 3D and 2D animator.

Josu Martín Uria


Dedicated digital sculptor based in Spain with more than 10 years of experience. Mainly focused in character modelling and prop creation. Highly experienced in Zbrush, Maya and 3D Studio Max, with strong command in painting software like Substance painter.

Vladimir Kogay


3D modeler Director, working in triple AAA games with many years of experience modelling and texturing.


Oihane Abete

3D Animator

Recently finished her degree in animation and digital art, she has worked on several gaming and film projects as a 3D as well as 2D animator.

Javier de Manuel

3D Animator

The last viking!!!!


Luis Quesada Marcos


Hello, my name is Luis Quesada Marcos and I am Rigger. I have worked for the world of cinema and videogames in various productions. I build rig systems for models of all kinds: creatures, bipeds, quadrupeds, weapon rigs, props, and vehicles. I love challenges and problem solving.


Unai Iglesias Lecuona

Guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer

Born in Spain in May 18th of 1991. Playing guitar since 2006, and started producing music in 2012. Creator of “Dravernue” and the music album and book “Proyecto D.A.G.D.A.”.
Previous bands: Drakken, Silhouet, Mandrágora Negra, Hiverland.


Alex Maldonado

Creative Director Consultant 

Alex develops ideas and oversees different projects at Comadran Studios. She is a Creative and Art Director for Film and TV and owner of D.BOND, a VFX/Animation Co. whose credits include TV series DA VINCI’S DEMONS and BRAVE NEW WORLD, as well as feature films as ENDER’S GAME and PIXELS.


Javier Ballesteros

VFX Lead

When I was a child, I always imagined myself creating video games in the future. It seems incredible that now that my dream come true. I am very excited to work with Medabots and I’m looking forward to accomplishing all the challenges proposed


VFX Artist

Full senior VFX designer on ZlongGame Shanghai China which makes a lot of successful games in Asia ,Part time VFX designer on Medabots, I started my career of making realtime VFX since 2013


VFX Artist

Full senior VFX designer on ZlongGame Shanghai China which makes a lot of successful games in Asia ,Part time VFX designer on Medabots, I started my career of making realtime VFX since 2013

Juan Fernández

VFX Artist

Since I was a kid I have been intrigued by art and by understanding how things worked. I used to take apart my toys to understand their mechanism. Now working as a vfx artist I can develop both activities that have interested me since my childhood.


Jaime Pascual

Blockchain developer

10 years programming,10 years development and leading projects. With high knowledge in VR and AR. Owner of some companies related to blockchain. Gamer.

Fabian Lencina

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developer / data analyst, specialized in smart contract audits.


Leandro Ramo

Blockchain solidity developer