The game

Fun strategy and competition with medabots!



Dive into an epic adventure full of action and strategy in the world of Medabots.

Customize your medabot with unique abilities and equipment and face off against other players in exciting battles.

With RPG elements, each clash will have strategic consequences and your skill will be put to the test.


First, at the game we can create our own medabots with medaparts. Basic Medaparts can be earned in-game. As a result, each medapart generates a card that is used to fight within the game. Each medabot also has its own stats and we can boost its Hit Points, Attack, Defense or Speed using medaparts that have the stats we want.

Game modes

There are 4 initial game modes:

  • Adventure
  • Multiplayer
  • League
  • Training

In Adventure and Multiplayer modes, you can earn Basic Medaparts and other rewards that will help you in battle. Similarly, in League mode you can obtain Crystals and Medaparts.