Medamon (MON) is a Token ERC-20 in the network BSC. There is a maximum supply of 80.000.000 (eighty million) that have already been minted. No more can be minted out.

The price will be protected for a long-term period and very possible that the value will increase because the amount of MON will always stay the same even if there are increasing new players.

Every transaction made with MON will have a dedicated 1% to the development of the project and another 1% to the treasury of the game.

What will it be used for?

– Creating new NFTs inside the market.
– Purchasing the NFTs from other players in the market.
– Buy in-game items.
– Receiving rewards in the game.

With MON, you will also be able to buy physical merchandise on the website and future Medabot related games.

standard smart contract

You can download the Standard Smart Contract Security Audit for Medamon here.

Contract address

Treasury (MON)

There is a treasury that houses the payment transaction of rewards. This includes players that win in the game. The treasury works with MON and is filled with the following transactions:

  • NFTs Minting
  • Commission for the purchase and selling of NFTs in the market
  • Items purchased in the store 1% of every transaction done with MON.

Max supply of tokens

Unlike other economic models that are based on infinite token emissions in order to pay the players in the game MON has a limited maximum liquidity to keep up with the reward payments. All of these tokens will come directly from the treasury and fills up with the user’s tokens which will avoid inflation because no new tokens will be produced.

Granted rewards

We have developed different containment mechanisms to regulate the rewards that are granted to the players in the game. Depending on the treasury size it won’t be possible to grant more rewards than the treasury can bear because the rewards will decrease or increase depending on the size of it.

Tokenomics (MON)






company reserve










Game treasury